Long Ashton Growers

Long Ashton Growers grow vegetables and fruit on a half acre plot rented from the farmer, just across the brook from the bottom of Theynes Croft.

Most of the plot is used for 20 members to grow collectively and share the produce; and there are also 8 individual 10m x 4m plots. All members pay an annual subscription and contribute time to the upkeep of the whole plot.

We got on the current site in 2015, with the help of grants from the Parish Council, Waitress and Lloyds Bank, and much hard work fencing, laying out, digging stones out and so on.

This year we’ve added a polytunnel, and with a grant from Low Carbon Gordano we will be doubling the size of this during the winter.

The group was founded in 2009, and grew previously on a smaller site up Yanley Lane.

The aim of the project is to grow more local food and to develop local people’s ¬†food growing and processing skills, using wherever possible organic techniques.

The group is interested to hear from anyone keen to join them, by emailing the LA Transition group.