Green your home

Photo Voltaics (PV)

Fitting PV to your roof can pay for itself within a few years now the price of the panels has come down so much – and they pay back to the planet with immediate effect.

Solar thermal

Have free hot water all summer, so you don’t need to use any heat source which is otherwise un-needed.

Air source heat pumps

A heat pump works on the same principle as a fridge, but instead of taking heat out of a contained space (the fridge) and dumping into the room, it takes heat out of the air and puts it into water that goes round your radiators and hot water tank.

As a rough guide, every kWh of electricity used to drive it produces 3kWh of heat energy, whereas using a gas boiler, 1kWh of gas produces only 0.85kWh of heat energy. And as electricity is roughly 3 times as expensive as gas, this means your energy bills don’t need to rise much.

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is still in place, which can pay back up to 2/3 the cost of fitting a heat pump, over 7 years.

Solarsense is a long-established renewables installer, which was born in Long Ashton and is now in Backwell.

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