What is Transition?

Transition is about local people supporting each other to find local solutions. The environmental challenges facing us are huge, but transition offers the possibility of meeting the challenges, and having a better quality of life, using less energy.

Climate Change

We know that the world is getting warmer as a result of human activity. Scientists urge an 80% cut in emissions – a big challenge!

Peak Oil

Global oil production has reached a plateau, and though there’s plenty left, it will become a scarce resource as demand continues to rise. 98% of transport uses oil, so big changes may be in store!

Top down and bottom up: global agreements and local action are needed to tackle these issues. Transition is about communities working to plan and implement a transition away from dependence on fossil fuels and towards a post-carbon economy. Result: a stronger, more resilient community in which people work together and share more, leading to a better quality of life.

Transition offers a coherent vision of a low-energy sustainable culture. Rob Hopkins developed the idea in Kinsale, Ireland and took the idea to Totnes, which become the first Transition Town.

Transition Long Ashton began in June 2008: interest is snowballing and there’s plenty of space for more people and new ideas. We want to work with existing local groups. There are subgroups looking at different issues, such as energy, transport and education.

We want to support local food and businesses: buying local and growing our own is key. We will look for space for allotments, and want to set up schemes to help people without space and/or skills to grow vegetables.

Fossil fuels are limited resources, but human ingenuity and co-operation are not limited, and we can use them to develop local solutions. By working to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and centralised distribution systems, we can simultaneously build a strong and vibrant village community and begin to live much more sustainably.

What’s your vision for a more sustainable Long Ashton?

It will take time and effort but can you imagine…….

A car-share club? Community orchard? Greener homes? Sharing skills? Solar panels on the village hall? A wind turbine? Swapping seeds and vegetables? A farmers market? Recycling as a community? Schools growing their lunches? A strong connected community where we all know our neighbours? Bringing back old skills and ways to make life adaptable to the challenges we face? Working to support what people in the village are already doing …

Watch out for our programme of events, including film showings, talks, and much more as we develop.

Come along to our open meetings, and/or join one of the groups addressing particular areas: food, energy, transport, education.